Wednesday, 11 July 2018

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The Reserve Bank has its separate publication division. This division collects and publishes data on several sectors of the economy. The reports and bulletins are regularly published by the RBI. It includes RBI weekly reports, RBI Annual Report, Report on Trend and Progress of Commercial Banks India., etc. This information is made available to the public also at cheaper rates.The Non-Bank Financial Institutions are not influenced by the working of a monitory policy. However RBI has a right to issue directives to the NBFIs from time to time regarding their functioning. Through periodic inspection, it can control the NBFIs. There has been considerable widening and deepening of the Indian financial system in the recent years. The enhanced role of the Banking sector in the Indian Economy, the increasing levels of deregulation and the increasing levels of competition have placed numerous demands on our asks. The adverse consequences of malfunction of the Banking system could be more severe than in the past. Hence, focus of RBI, the regulator & supervisor of Indian Banking system is at ensuring greater financial stability.

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