Friday, 29 June 2018

This can be Indian CEO of WhatsApp

New Delhi: One can become CEO of one of the largest tech companies in the world. According to the media report, Neeraj could become CEO of Whitespace. The position of CEO of Whatteapp is vacant after leaving the company by Jane Kum. It is said in the report that the name of the former Google employee Neeraj Arora is being considered for this position.

If Negro becomes Chief, then in the present time, there will be Indians on top of the world's leading technology companies. At present Google's Chief is pretty pitch. So the CEO of Microsoft is not the truth. Apart from this, Adonis Shantan Narayan is also on top.

According to a report, "Hosting business executive Niraj Arora can be potential candidate for CEO position. Aurora has worked in Google. Niraj is with Watsapp since 2011.

Neeraj Arora studied in IIT-Delhi and Indian School of Business. After that in 2000, started a job with a Claude Solutions company Accellion. Arora earned an MBA from the Indian School of Business N (ISB) in Finance and Strategy in 2006. Later, Arora worked for 18 months at Times Internet Limited.

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