Sunday, 17 June 2018


In an attempt to showcase the poverty of Gujarat, Chief Minister Narendra Modi is preparing to leave nearly 1.2 million families below the poverty line (BPL) families list.

Sources close to the Chief Minister have confirmed that the new list has already been prepared, in comparison to 23.29 lakhs in the current list, only 11.4 lakhs registered families under poverty line.

"Once Modi signs this file, which is currently on the chief minister's office for the final decision, nearly 11.4 lakh poverty line families in the new list, about poverty related programs of nearly Rs 1000 crore, which are mostly funded by the central government, Will be available.

The list of BPL is a political sensitive issue. The states say that there was a time when the following person's poverty line was given the power to rest with Talati. -Cam-Gram Servant

"The list of BPL was constantly updated, based on the wishes of the lowest working officer of this poor governed under political pressure. As of the late 1990's, there were more than 33 lakh families in the state's BPL list.

Politicians also had an ax to grasp. The BPL list families are considered an impossible votebank. Support by the legislators, local leaders wanted to sit on the Secretariat, that BPL Some people can be placed on the list.

When the government came to know that this list is not fair, it proceeded to maintain 23.29 lakh families. Based on the recommendations of the village officer, this list was prepared unofficially.

Finally, on the basis of the Planning Commission's order, the Gujarat government conducted a comprehensive survey of all 67 lakh rural families. Every home was visited and the power of the lowest step officer was removed.
Based on the benchmark of 14 different criteria including income and income stream, educational structure, educational and health facilities, 11.4 lakh families have been identified as BPL.

"Once the new list is officially accepted, instead of 23.29 lakh families, this target group can be distributed to nearly one lakh tonnes of foodgrains procured for foodgrain program in the state, which is currently in progress.
A small number of people will be entitled to receive a large amount of poverty eradication programs, "said a senior official.

Only BPL ration card in this list will be given." However problems will arise with 12 million people, which will remain. Already, these families have the efforts to make sure they do not lose their BPL 
ration cards.


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