Sunday, 13 May 2018

Now, only the admin can do the message in WhatsApp, members can not reply

In today's digital era, WAITSAP has become the medium through which we can be in touch with our friends, and in addition, the WATSAP Group is a platform platform through which we can connect with many people at once. There are many WhatsApp partners in our WattsAP college friends, relatives, school friends, etc. And sometimes there is a problem that we send a message to another group. In addition, WATSAP is going to add a feature group to its app, in which only an admin can post in any group, and other members of the group will only see that post.

This feature may result in faster spread news and rumors on the WATSAP Group. According to the received information, this feature will be brought to Android, IOS and Windows in all platforms. Other users in this group will not send unnecessary messages, photos, videos or GIFs to the group. By coming to this feature, most of these problems will be controlled in the WhatsApp group.

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